Hello everyone, my name is gigi the editor of FashionLover. I live and breathe everything fashion. It all started when I realized how hard it was to figure out where I could find the styles I loved on the images we see throughout the web – so I got thinking. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could just tap on the item of choice and purchase it immediately? FashionLover gives you the best of both worlds. Talking about what’s trending in fashion, beauty and lifestyle and giving you the ability shop directly from each image. Try out glamix.me powered by Syte on messenger. See a must have item worn by a friend or stranger or see something online that you must have? Snap a pic and send to glamix.me for instant results on where to #SHOPtheLOOK. Convinced this is the best technology ever? Download the chrome extension FashionLover so you can shop from any image anywhere on the web. <3 gigi