glamix is the ShopBot Bringing Fashion From Off the Streets Into Your Closet

glamix introduces your new personal fashion assistant – allowing you to shop any fashion item from any image, instantly! glamix helps you locate and recreate your favorite outfits no matter where you saw them. Whether on your favorite website or celebrity – glamix allows you to find similar and exact items instantly.

glamix 1

Imagine finding a picture online with Selena Gomez carrying your next dream bag. Often times we see items that might be out of our budget but are we are still interested in shopping for similar looks. glamix, allows you to do just that instantly, automatically, and free: take a snap of the dreamy bag and message glamix through Facebook. The glambot will provide you with a range of bags that include the exact match and the most similar ones with different prices, brands, store options, and more. glamix is constantly learning from each search, constantly improving and finding ways to maximize results. No manual searches, downloads or registrations necessary, just send the photo to glamix and watch the magic.

Now, you never need to ask the questions, ‘Where did you get that from?’


Signing off,

xoxo gigi