glamix, a fashion shop-bot that allows you to shop from any image… wait what?!?! You mean I can send any photo from anywhere and shop the items from within the image? YES! Ok, so I know… this sounds perfect. But actually glamix just got on a whole new level of awesome. You can ask for items such as ‘Prada glasses’ or ‘red stilettos’ and Instantly get results. glamix allows you to shop each outfit item or save it to your ‘wish list’. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Send images from your photo stream, from the web or directly from Instagram. Try it out >>>

  1. glamix intro; you can start by sending an image



2. Choose the outfit item of choice



3. Or start by writing a phrase such as: ‘red sneakers’



4. Or: ‘red stilettos’


Enjoy and have fun. But be careful…. it’s addictive.