In the two-part premiere, Kylie reflects on the nature of her own fame. She talks about how she hates having her picture taken and being famous in between selfies and Snapchats. She says she wants to attend a normal prom, but then immediately asks security to take her and her date somewhere private (essentially requesting a makeshift VIP area).

There are two ways to read Life of Kylie. Either it’s a confirmation of all the her critics or an attempt to display the pains of modern celebrity.

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 The purpose of the show, according to Kylie, is to show fans the “real” her, as opposed to the version of herself she feels pressured to maintain on social media. Life of Kylie presents a young woman who is acutely aware of her brand and her, well, fakeness. She claims to want to be the Real Kylie, but nothing about the Kylie on the show seems so different from the Kylie on Snapchat or Instagram. Does Kylie actually want to be real or is “wanting to be real” just part of the Kylie brand? Does Kylie even know at this point?
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If the preview for the rest of the season is any indication, on how the rest of the show will be — similar to when Kylie gets ready for the Met Gala one moment and then professes her desire to live on a farm with chickens the next.
So my question to you Kylie, is what is your life?
(Originally posted on Marie Claire)