We used to believe that Ugg is short for Ugly, or else we wouldn’t know how to explain the hype around the Ozzie boots brand and its rough style. Guessin’ we’re not that crazy about the combination of depressing shades, massive soles and cumbersome contours. Which is probably why we weren’t sure what to expect when we heard about Ugg X Jeremy Scott’s new collab.

Ugg X Jeremy Scott (pic: courtesy)

Up in flames. Ugg X Jeremy Scott (pic: courtesy)

The fresh-from-the-oven collaboration’s feature 8 creative styles for men, women, children, and babies. After all, Scott’s, creative director of Moschino fashion house, wouldn’t miss the opportunity to go wild. Take a look at the embellished black boots which are covered with hand-sewn and hand-picked beads, specifically selected by Scott himself. Wacky or tacky? depends on who you’re asking, We suppose.

Ugg X Jeremy Scott (pic: courtesy)

Wacky or tacky? Ugg X Jeremy Scott (pic: courtesy)

Are you familiar with the catchphrase “If you can’t stand the heat”? Well, if you empathize with this one, we warmly recommend you to take a step back from the flame-appliqued boots. Apparently, they’re Scott’s fav, displayed below, on the left, with the gold leather jacket and tons of attitude.

Ugg X Jeremy Scott (pic: courtesy)

Walk the walk. Ugg X Jeremy Scott (pic: courtesy)

This capsule collection is available at select global retailers and online, with prices ranging from $90 to $1,185.