Welcome to the millennial way of life: where beauty and lifestyle magazines are out and video tutorials are in. These 5 YouTuber’s caught our eye as the best of the best to pass on the essential knowledge that everyone needs.

Claudia Sulewski

Subscribers: 1.9 mil

Age: 21 years old

Origin: Chicago, Illinois

Recommended for: Those people who want a glow-up

Description of channel: If you are trying to achieve that picture perfect Instagram lifestyle, Sulewski’s videos are here for guidance. Each video is there to help you either improve your diet, wardrobe, or skin/makeup routine. Their high quality and clean cut editing also make them enjoyable to watched paired with Sulewski’s bubbly and warm personality.

Videos To Lookout For: All the videos are about getting you to become a wannabe Victoria’s Secret model. They range from getting a perfect, sun-kissed glow without the harmful UV rays, large clothing hauls to inspire you to change your look or trying new foods that will improve both your mind and your body.

Nyma Tang

Subscribers: 428k

Age: 26 years old

Origin: South Sudan (Hometown is Dallas, Texas)

Recommended for: Whoever struggles to find their foundation shade (aka a lot of people)

Description of channel: The first thing that stands out about Tang is her beautiful, dark skin tone. With this feature, Nyma’s videos are tailored on trying to find the products that work while also giving other reviews and tutorials on a vast amount of other beauty items.

Videos to Look Out For: Nyma keeps up with every and any foundation put out, her most up to date being about Rihanna’s Fenty beauty line. However, she also has videos teaching how to contour with darker skin, and happily shares her current favorites with her viewers.

Safiya Nygaard

Subscribers: 3.1 mil

Age: 25 years old

Origin: Chicago, Illinois

Recommended for: People wanting to try wacky beauty trends, but are too scared to.

Description of channel: Trends and the facts behind them are the name of the game for Nygaard. Tackling some of the weirdest products on the internet to trying new beauty products, Nygaard gives each video high amounts of personality and humor, making each one a treat to watch.

Videos to Look Out For: Like everyone, I am assuming you wondered what it would be like to order something off a Facebook ad, or what it would be like to melt all your nude lipsticks together, or even… hey, wearing the infamous Topshop clear jeans for week. If any of these strange thoughts have crossed your mind, Safiya’s channel is the one for you.

James Charles

Subscribers: 1.7 mil

Age: 18 years old

Origin: New York, New York

Recommended for: The easy, the breezy, the beautiful

Description of channel: On almost every social media feed you see super intense makeup looks that seem impossible to do, but Charles is here to show you. Most of his videos are in-depth tutorials on how to do a flawless face and somehow makes it look easy.

Videos to Look Out For: Charles tutorials can range from more natural looks such as getting a dewy-glowy face or a 10-minute drugstore routine, but he also has more invigorating videos such as drag transformations and doing a rainbow cut crease for pride. You could be a makeup novice or guru and find a video from Charles that will peak your interest.

Andrea Brooks aka AndreasChoice

Subscribers: 4.2 mil

Age: 31 years old

Origin: California

Recommended for: People trying to find ways to cut corners

Description of channel: Brooks is all about making life as easy as possible. Her channel is filled with life hack videos having to do with everyday problems and how to avoid/solve them. All her beauty videos are also tailored to be simple and manageable, perfect for every girl on the go.

Videos to Look Out For: With hack videos for almost everything from hair to weight loss, you will find one to suit your lifestyle. She also has makeup tutorials, being as simple as how to do a bold lip, and DIY videos, her most popular being for Halloween. Basically, Andrea takes straight forward videos and makes them entertaining and bold.