People evolve, as time goes on.  It’s natural to change, but the change can either be perceived as better or worse version of ourselves. For celebrities, another question gets thrown into the mix: is the change authentic? Hollywood seems to be the near definition of fake and disingenuine, things on the outside just don’t seem as they do on the inside. But, that’s why we love them so much. Celebrities and pop culture suck us in at every tabloid and article that pops up on our computer and TV screens.

Come on, we have all been guilty of seeing an article with Miley Cyrus twerking or doing something crazy and immediately wanting to pick up and read, but now, we pick up the articles about Cyrus giving up marijuana and going back to her country roots. Cyrus is not the only one who has changed her persona in both her music and looks, there are plenty of other female music artists who have broken free from what made them famous and began re-branding themselves as ‘new’. Whether it be to increase their popularity or a genuine change, here are our top 5 pop stars that still have us hooked, even with the 180.

Miley Cyrus: From good girl to bad to good again? 

Miley Cyrus may have started being a Disney darling on Hannah Montanna, but her persona has been long forgotten in her ever-changing evolution. We all have forgotten about the defining moment of Cyrus on the stripper pole at the Teen Choice Awards in 2009, as it has been overcrowded with twerking on twerking and an album literally about her dead pets. Even with all the crazy, Cyrus did show her heart of gold with starting the Happy Hippie Foundation and being very vocal about the nature of gender fluidity. Cyrus may be returning to her roots,  but it has brought a lot of criticism of just being another “act”. Even if it is all just for show, we can’t help but love her new style.

Katy Perry: Always been off her rocker

Whenever a singer cuts her hair, it’s a statement, take a look at Britney Spears for god sake. Perry’s cut is no different as it’s synonymous with what seems to be Perry taking things to the extreme. With new songs such as “Bon Appetit” and “Swish Swish” and their ever so cringey music videos, we are not exactly sure what she is doing. Plus, with her oversharing recent interviews and STILL talking about her feud with Taylor Swift, we are just highly over it. With old classics such as “Roar” and “Teenage Dream”, it’s sad to see Perry change to over the top songs, videos, and a new wild persona, just for the WTF factor.

Taylor Swift: From Country cutie to a stylish Snake

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the old Tswift: curly, blonde hair, always with a guitar, and writing songs about each and every break up this girl ever had. Swift slowly started to leave her country roots and left for the pop world, with an album filled with quality hits that are perfect for jamming with your girlfriends. Now, however, Taylor’s persona has left the whole world confused. After her dating fiascos and the Kimye drama, Swift left the limelight and came back with her eyes only on revenge and with a very underwhelming song. We know this girl is known for fighting with her lyrics but isn’t it kind of tired out by now? Keep your energies for more important stuff gal, such as embracing an original style.

Rihanna: Always a Chameleon, Always a Queen

Can anyone believe that Rihanna was signed at 16 and is still creating the best pop hits to exist? Obviously being 29 now she has changed a lot. Moving on from fun party hits such as “Pon De Replay” and “SOS”, her music has become more sultry and passionate with new classics Love on the Brain and Needed Me. Rihanna’s appearance has also changed throughout the years, with new hairstyles every other day and most recently being talked about is a possible weight gain. Either way, Rihanna still puts out hit after hit and keeps fans wanting more and more which fuels her role in the fashion world with multiple collaborations with Puma and being the one to look out for at the Met Gala.

Fergie: She’s Back Baby

Fergie captured our hearts as the sole woman in the Black Eyed Peas, then created more hits on her own studio album, with songs that still make everyone’s throwback playlists, because how can you have a music library without Fergalicious or Glamorous? However, Fergie has been mum the past few years being a wife and a mother, but she is not a wife anymore. After her and Josh Duhamel’s split, obviously, it ignited something in Fergie to produce emotionally powerful songs and the same sexually charged songs you know and love from her previous album. “M.I.L.F $” may have been a major flop, but her new album is definitely a work of redemption and as it seems so is her style.