They’re handsome, charming and passionate, and they never grow old because to us they only exist on screen. It’s National Boyfriends Day… so what better way than to celebrate it by making a list of the hottest boyfriends ever on movies and TV? From our beloved Luke Perry and his so ’90s jeans and buttoned Grungy-shirt in 90210 to prince charming, Ryan Gosling, and his elegant suits in La La Land. Well, they may cast a shadow over your own boyfriends, but hey, at least you could help them dress like these guys!

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, La La Land (Pic: Courtesy)

Ryan Gosling is going once at La La Land

Ryan Gosling, The Notebook (Pic: Courtesy)

Ryan Gosling is going twice at The Notebook

Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl (Pic: Courtesy)

It’s all about the Bass. Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass at Gossip Girl

Baby Driver (Pic: Courtesy)

Yeah, Baby! Ansel Elgort as Baby at Baby Driver

Dylan McKay, Beverly Hills 90210 (Pic: Courtesy)

Just Take a Luke at him. Luke Perry as Dylan McKay at Beverly Hills 90210

Jon Snow, Game Of Thrones (Pic: Courtesy)

Bend the knee, please! Kit Harington as Jon Snow at Game Of Thrones