Summer is closer than ever! This means that endless beach days of tanning, swimming and relaxing are close at hand! So, it’s definitely time to say goodbye to the beloved ankle boots and exchange them for a more suitable option. If you are facing the struggle of finding your new staple summer shoe, well look no further… Sliders are the answer.

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Recently, sliders have been all the rage, not only because they are seriously on trend but also because of their versatility and comfort. With many brands putting their own spin on this style, there is a slider for almost every occasion! The Valentino “Rockstud” Flip Flops are perfect if you want to ditch the heels but still keep things classy. Whereas, the array of sliders from Zara to Havaianas are ideal for your fashion game when you want to emulate those chill and bohemian vibes.

Despite, there being many critics of the slider trend, they have the potential to be a key piece of an outfit. Almost every celebrity has been seen rocking sliders and killing the street style game, especially, the Queen of Instagram herself Selena Gomez! If she approves, then they are definitely the perfect summer sandal.

After scouring the web for the perfect sliders, here are some of our top picks…

Zara, $49.90 (Pic: Zara Website)

(Pic: Zara Website)

Who and Where: Zara
Show Me The Money: $49.90

Topshop, $68 (Pic: Topshop Website)

(Pic: Topshop Website)

Who and Where: Topshop
Show Me The Money: $68

Valentino @ Neiman Marcus, $345 (Pic: Neiman Marcus Website)

(Pic: Neiman Marcus Website)

Who: Valentino
Where: Neiman Marcus
Show Me The Money: $345

Nasty Gal, $14.40 (Pic: Nasty Gal Website)

(Pic: Nasty Gal Website)

Who and Where: Nasty Gal
Show Me The Money: $14.40

Palm Angels @ Net-a-Porter, $130 (Pic: Net-a-Porter)

(Pic: Net-a-Porter)

Who: Palm Angels
Where: Net-a-Porter
Show Me The Money: $130

Havaianas @ Yoox, $40 (Pic: Yoox Website)

(Pic: Yoox Website)

Who: Havaianas
Where: YOOX,
Show Me The Money: $40

Urban Outfitters, $10.00 (Pic: Urban Outfitters Website)

(Pic: Urban Outfitters Website)

Who and Where: Urban Outfitters
Show Me The Money: $10