victoria davidova vogue russia new editor in chief
Victoria Davidova, the lady in the chic smoking jacket

Victoria Davidova joined the Condé Nast familia in 1998 as Vogue Russia’s beauty editor, with the magazine’s launch and hasn’t stopped shining since. In 2002 she was named editor-in-chief of Russian Glamour and in 2008 she moved on to set up and serve as an editor in chief of the Russian Tatler.
Both jobs, she’s clearly done very well, as Jonathan Newhouse,president of Condé Nast International, puts it, “Victoria Davydova is one of the most professional, experienced and talented editors in the Russian market. Behind her is a brilliant start of Condé Nast’s two completely different issues. All this makes Vicky a perfect choice for the role of chief editor of Russian Vogue”.