If you’ve been on Twitter lately or are a lover of viral fashion, then you have probably already been introduced to the Fendi “Vulva” Scarf. The scarf is actually called A Touch of Fur and is part of Fendi’s latest womenswear collection. When the Internet saw this scarf, people freaked over its uncanny vaginal resemblance. The scarf also comes in red and blue, but its peachy pink color is what really set the internet aflame.

We’re more shocked by the price tag ($990!) and the use of ~real~ fox fur, but that’s Fendi for ya. Regardless, we’re very pro-scarf and highly recommend accessorizing your neck this fall season. (Sweater weather+scarves=super duper cozy comfort). What do you think about the viral “Vulva” Scarf? Let us know @fashionlovermag!