Since our post about Fendi’s “Vulva” Scarf, all we’ve been able to think about are scarves. They’re the accessory that never seems to go out of style because they’re ~fashionable~ AND *functional*. When the weather drops and the leaves fall, everyone knows that it’s time to pull out your favorite pair of booties and softest sweater, but sometimes it takes a few more months to get out your scarves. We are here to set the record straight: scarves are here to stay, so get ready, get set, and get them out of your closets!

Shopbop Scarf

Image courtesy of Shopbop

  1. First up we have this ADORABLE patterned Shopbop scarf (that also comes in black and white). We’re admittedly *obsessed* with this scarf because of how comfy and cute it looks. You could pair it with basically anything, and we’re here for it. Perfect for fall, but also perfect if you happen to work in an office where the air conditioning is still going strong even well into October (kind of like us).


Zara Scarf

Image courtesy of Zara

  1. Next up is this patchwork piece by Zara. If you’re going for a statement scarf, then this is one of our top picks. Why settle for one pattern when you can have them all? Snaps to Zara for this one – we’re sold. (Note @mom: will be accepting this scarf as a birthday or holiday gift, please and thank you).


Mango Scarf

Image courtesy of Mango

  1. If ~FuNky~ patterns aren’t your thing, then don’t worry because we got you. Mango offers this beautiful oversized plaid scarf in a yellow perfect for fall. We’re ready to cocoon ourselves in this scarf while we wait for our wardrobe to metamorphosize into spring.


Urban Scarf

Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

  1. If you’re going for a more muted lük, then definitely check out this Urban Outfitters scarf. It comes in a full-on ~range~ of colors (we’re talking maroon, black!, beige, yellow, coral, and MORE), so you should be able to find something to vibe with your fall/winter aesthetic.


& Other Stories Scarf

Image courtesy of & Other Stories

  1. For something to spice up your fall (aside from the beloved PSL), try a leopard print, like this one from & Other Stories. It’ll give your look an added POP! Honestly, we’re living for the leopard.


FP Scarf

Image courtesy of Free People

  1. Free People comes through with this reliable infinity scarf (also available in blush and ivory) that’s good for any fall festivity.


Nordstrom/Topshop Scarf

Image courtesy of Nordstrom

  1. Cozy and cool, this Topshop scarf comes in three curious colors (BRIGHT blue, lilac<3, and a tangerine-y orange) that will jazz up your fall as well as any leopard print.  


Anthropologie Scarf

Image courtesy of Anthropologie

  1. Our last three scarf picks all go out to Anthropologie for being the MVPs (Most Valuable Purchases) of scarves this season. First from our Anthro roundup is floral, which we’re really digging. Who says there are no flowers in fall?


Anthropologie Scarf

Image courtesy of Anthropologie

  1. Second of the Anthro scarves is this puffer scarf (it also comes in black&green), which if you’re going for warmth (ex: live in cold place, work in cold office @us), this might be the ultimate scarf for you.


Anthropologie Scarf

Image courtesy of Anthropologie

  1. Last but certainly not least is this Anthro beaut: a scarf that says “scarf.” Let us repeat (just like this scarf): A SCARF THAT SAYS “SCARF.” Brilliant. Utterly brilliant. As lovers of any type of fashion humor, we applaud Anthropologie for this sartorial *wink* and hope that you find it as funny as we do.

If you don’t stan scarves by now, then you probably never will. But if you’re like us, then you’re defs excited about sweater weather because it also means that…it’s SCARF TIME. Share your fave scarf moments with us @fashionlovermag!