First of all, if you haven’t seen A Star is Born and you’re in the mood to cry your eyes out and feel all the feels, GO SEE IT IMMEDIATELY. We’re not telling you what to do, but if you NEED to see this movie. Not only are Bradley Cooper and Dave Chapelle in it, but the *queen* herself Lady Gaga stars as the literal star (like the one from the title) of the film. See it, love it, thank us later.

Anyway, even though we know that Lady Gaga is always relevant, this movie has brought the artist a new wave of attention in light of her outstanding performance. We figured this was as good a time as any to take a look at Gaga’s most outrageous and influential fashion choices throughout the ages.

10 years ago, Lady Gaga’s iconicism came to the forefront of the fashion scene. In 2008, she appeared on Good Day New York, sporting her signature platinum hair. With a hair bow and spikes, this definitely set the stage for Gaga looks to come.


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Pretty in red lace, and we can’t see her face. In 2009 Gaga hit the VMAs in this look that made her look like the literal queen she is.


Gaga hit the 2010 Grammys in this orbital extravaganza, sporting her staple heel-less shoes.



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Gaga’s “Telephone” music video is filled with lüks between her and Queen Bey. One of the most memorable (she has telephones on her head and cigarettes on her eyes, so it’s hard to forget any part of the video) outfits is when she is dressed in caution tape. Only Gaga…



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Gaga shocked the VMAs again in 2010 with her all-meat dress, outdoing herself yet again.


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For the 2015 Academy Awards, Gaga graced the red carpet in a glittery white gown with a pop of red gloves and her platinum blonde hair still going strong.



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In August of 2018, Gaga stepped onto the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival for the premiere of A Star is Born. In this feathery pink gown, a movie star was truly born.


Whether you’re a fan of OG Gaga or her more recent classic looks, we can all agree that she is one of our favorite fashion goddesses everyday.