Well, the internet is at it again, making fashion go viral. Last time it was about a scarf and this time it is about how a cat crashed the catwalk at a Turkish fashion show. In true cat fashion, it went where it wanted to go, not minding the literal fashion show that was going on around it. The models handled the curveball (fur ball?) with grace, not even batting an (cat?) eye at the added runway guest. The video has since gone viral, as both felines and fashion are ~ALWAYS~ relevant topics.


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The fashion community at the 2018 Esmod International Fashion Show were definitely not expecting such a unique show, but who can blame them? We’re proud of the cat for following its dreams to become Turkey’s Next Top (Cat) Model. Next year, we expect all runways to have a minimum of at least one cat. This is truly the next fashion standard. What a time to be alive. Let us know what you think about cats on the catwalk @fashionlovermag!