Conde Nast to move to One World Trade CenterWhen in 1999 Condé Nast moved to the newly built headquarters in Times Square, it’s trend-setting ways did wonders for the area. Soon the pimps were out; Reuters, Ernst & Young and “Good Morning America” on ABC were in.

Only 15 years later, in 2014, Condé Nast will be migrating again. This time downtown, to the currently under-construction skyscraper, at Ground Zero no less. The company’s reason for the move is said to be the aim to house all it’s brands that are currently scattered among 4 buildings into one.

With One World Trade Center being located right across the new Goldman Sachs global headquarters, this just might prove to be a match made in heaven (or hell). “We will have the best-paid bankers and best-dressed editors across the street from each other,” Mitchell Moss, a professor of urban planning at New York University, said. “What young ambitious person would not want to be downtown now?”

Condé Nast will take up around one million square feet out of the 2.6 million-square-foot available in the skyscraper. It leaves plenty of space still available. So who else will follow remains to be seen.

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