Kenzo Book Rizzoli Publishing

In 1970, Japanese designer Kenzo Takada established the fashion house Kenzo in the Galerie Vivienne, not far from the “Palais Royal” in Paris. Takada, who arrived in Paris only five years earlier, fitted right in into the spirit of 70’s with his colorful prints and designs, livening up Couture rules of that time. Takada retired in 1999, but in 2003 Antonio Marras, the new creative director, got the house back to it’s old glory.

The book covers those forty years of history and happens to be an art object in itself. It comes with a real fabric cover, available in three floral prints, and a myriad of special features. Three double-sided double gatefolds, three accordion gatefolds and a pop-up that captures what Kenzo is all about.

Kenzo, $75 $47 on Amazon.