The past year has been remarkably good to Camilla Skovgaard. Just in February she won the much deserved ELLE STYLE AWARDS Accessory Designer of the Year 2010. Doing this with only two sales agents by her side can only mean one thing – this woman is super talented and is here to stay.

She is best known for giving the shoe universe the ‘saw sole’ which now other shoe designers draw ‘inspiration’ from. And with the ‘intelligently sexy’ woman in mind (not the ‘girly sexy’ kind according to Skovgaard herself), we can expect a steady supply of chic and interesting shapes in years to come.

Skovgaard sat down for an interview with and revealed some interesting stuff.
She was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Left the country after finishing high school and has been in the frequent flyer club ever since. Starting out in Dubai in the early nineties, it took her years to shed that over-decorating influence (“Swarovski crystals by the kilo”, as she puts it).
And did you know she started her brand with a small loan of 35K (which she not surprisingly already paid back) and only five months ago did she hire her first staff?

Camilla Skovgaard has a really interesting season hitting the stores this fall, so be sure to check out photos and read more @