2011 Golden Globe Awards Worst Dressed List

I think in general we can crown last night’s 2011 Golden Globe Awards as a success. There weren’t a lot of atrocities out there. Some were standing out stunners, some beautiful wall flowers and others simply boring. No one was especially bad or cringe worthy. The women in the 2011 Golden Globe Awards Worst Dressed list are here by the misfortune of either picking a dress that was wrong for them in style or in size. We saw them doing so much better in years past and I’m sure they’ll bounce back quickly.

A special note should go to Michelle Williams who fell the hardest. The woman made Red Carpet history with her stunning canary yellow Vera Wang gown at the 2006 Oscars. To go from that to yesterday’s ill-shaped washed out Valentino dress is a no-no of disastrous proportions.

You might also be wondering what Shaun Robinson who wore a beautiful gunmetal sequined one-shoulder gown. Well, I also thought she looked lovely. Too bad Jennifer Carpenter already wore this exact dress and looked even more stunning in it at the 2010 Emmy Awards a few months ago.

Let’s begin and get this over with.

Tilda Swinton wore a Jil Sander Spring 2011 half-shirt half-gown pale yellow dress. This almost makes me cry, because I love Swinton and I love Jil Sander even more. But when put together, the two project just way too much awkward masculine energy. Even for a modern minimalist look. A look similar to this, Kate Bosworth pulled off much better a month or so ago.

2011 Golden Globe Awards Tilda Swinton wears Jil Sander dress

Michelle Williams looked pudgy and tired in a rather infantile and ill-fitting Valentino dress.

2011 Golden Globe Awards Michelle Williams wears Valentino dress

Halle Berry has the body to wear anything she wants. It doesn’t mean she has to. Berry wore a black lingerie inspired Nina Ricci dress and she really shouldn’t have.

2011 Golden Globe Awards Halle Berry wears Nina Ricci dress

Helena Bonham-Carter wore a dress by a Brit no-less kooky than her – Vivienne Westwood. What can I say, I know it’s Bonham-Carter’s shtick to dress crazy and messy. But there’s high-fashion crazy and then there’s just plain crazy.

2011 Golden Globe Awards Helena Bonham Carter wears Vivienne Westwood dress

Jennifer Lopez wore a white Zuhair Murad gown. That see-through sequined capelet took her straight to Tackyville.

2011 Golden Globe Awards Jennifer Lopez wears Zuhair Murad dress

Piper Perabo in a black Oscar de la Renta satin gown was a walking shape-and-fit disaster. That stiff dress looks a size or two too big on her.

2011 Golden Globe Awards Piper Perabo wears Oscar de la Renta dress

Milla Jovovich accentuated the pear shape I never knew she had with a draped Armani Prive gown.

2011 Golden Globe Awards Milla Jovovich wears Armani Prive dress

Christina Hendricks wore a red Romona Keveza one-shoulder gown. Puffy hair with an even puffier shoulder ruffles. Combine that with her oversize breasts and you got yourself a rather clownish looking woman with no neck. She really never seems to be able to get it right.

2011 Golden Globe Awards Christina Hendricks wears Romona Keveza dress

Julia Stiles also wears a generic one-shoulder disaster gown from the house of Romona Keveza. Both Stiles and Jovovish, although beautiful women, wore dresses giving them an unflattering pear shape.

2011 Golden Globe Awards Julia Stiles wears Romona Keveza dress

Shaun Robinson, like a said, beautiful lady in a beautiful dress. Unfortunately it’s a 2010 Emmy Awards rerun. And no one likes a rerun gown on the red carpet.

2011 Golden Globe Awards Shaun Robinson  dress identical to Jeniffer Carpenter