Beyonce really can’t win, can she. People seem to be mad when her skin is lightened and they are mad when her skin is darkened. No one considers the possibility that because her skin isn’t of a definitive shade so lighting, make-up, hair color and clothes hues, all contribute to whether she will appear lighter or darker. Without great conspiracy at play.

This time, however, Beyonce’s skin was darkened on purpose, with her full blessing. L’Officiel Paris photographed Boyonce for their 90th anniversary March 2011 issue. The photo shoot features the singer in traditional Arfican attire and tribal make-up under the eyes – and – a darkened skin.

“Far from the glamorous Sasha Fierce, the beauty posed for the magazine with amazing fashion designers clothes, but also in a dress created by her mother,” say L’Officiel in a statement, “a return to her African roots, as you can see on the picture, on which her face was voluntarily darkened. All the pictures will be available in the collector edition, on sell at the end of this month.”

Do you think there is much controversy here? After all, the darkened skin appears in only one photograph which supposed to be a tribute to Fela Kuti. On the cover and the rest of the editorial, Beyonce is simply being her fabulous self with normal skin and gorgeous attires in ethnic or tribal trends. Sometimes a banana is just a banana.

Beyonce L'Officiel Paris March 2011 Dark Skin Controversy

Beyonce L'Officiel Paris March 2011 Cover Dark Skin Controversy